How to Help

Ecumenical Partnership for Housing is a 501(c3) organization, dedicated to finding permanent solutions for homeless families in Green Bay.
Following are areas of support and ways in which you can help.

– Donate

– Volunteering

– Wish List

– Business Partners

The Needs Are Many. The operation and maintenance of housing units, enhancement of mentoring programs, and procurement of additional units all require considerable resources. Your generosity is appreciated.

For a more direct contribution to the needs of our families, a contribution to the EPH HOPE Scholarship Program, which funds tuition assistance for our clients, is always needed.

We also invite you to consider donations of household goods. If you are willing to donate your time for furniture moving, plumbing, painting, window replacements, or other skilled home-owner tasks, we welcome you to join our volunteer corps. You do not need to be a member of one of our churches to participate.

If you are interested in more information about EPH click > HERE.

Give them roots and create wings!