EPH Case Management

Guiding Families on their Path to Self-Sufficiency

Walking beside – guiding families – on their path to self-sufficiency is one of the most essential services that is offered by EPH. Families are referred to EPH because they are experiencing the barriers and trauma associated with homelessness.

The Path to Self-Sufficiency

Ecumenical Partnership for Housing case managers meet with family members on a weekly basis, encouraging and guiding families in setting goals for themselves.

Case management is a collaborative process used to evaluate, plan, and coordinate goals for achieving life-changing outcomes.

Growing Our Case Management Capacity

  • An investment of $7,200 provides case management for one family for one year.
  • Please consider sponsoring one or more families for one year.

Case Management Areas of Focus

  • Family Well-being
  • Financial Stability
  • Housing Security
  • Home Care
  • Employment
  • Education

Here’s What Your Investment Means to a Family Experiencing Homelessness

Your financial support is a lifeline to families and a means to achieve pride and dignity on the road to self-sufficiency. Please consider the gift of hope to help a family rise above the bonds of poverty to becoming a productive and contributing member of our community.

Together we can make their wish for a better life come true!

One Year Sponsors of "Growing Our Case Management Capacity"

Anonymous (3)    Janice Berrigan  •  John and Kathy Lochner
Wayne and Ginger Micksch  •  David and Diane Pietenpol
Peter and Kathleen Reines    Saint Norbert College Parish
K.C. Stock Foundation  Duane & Dorothy Howell
Bruce and Carol Bell

The Case Manager

Often times, the case manager may be the only constant and reliable connection in the life of a family. That relationship is the pillar of support they can rely on that will guide them beyond the barriers that hold them back from achieving their goals. Together, we can offer a viable path toward self-sufficiency.

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Give them roots and create wings!