The Ecumenical Partnership for Housing is an organization that not only touches the hearts of the families it serves, but reaffirms their dignity, improves their self-esteem, restores their livelihood, and in many cases – saves their lives.

Many of the families that have been helped offer their thanks and appreciation for the services provided by the Ecumenical Partnership for Housing. Following is feedback from just a few of the families assisted by EPH.


My Dearest Thank You:

I am writing this as a way to express my gratitude for all assistance I have received from this program, and those who have touched my heart. I have been inspired to move forward after being in a pitfall in my life due to being homeless, having no safety, support or protection.

This housing program has helped me manage my life and nurtured my ambitions by providing spectacular services, a wonderful home, providing opportunities for me to attend different events and programs, referrals, counseling, and above all awareness.  They assisted me in developing a working plan to make my dreams become reality.

It is so overwhelming to even begin to express how appreciative and thankful I am for every opportunity I have received in this program.  In addition to being provided a place to live, I have also received numerous gifts, one of those being my very own laptop computer.  I could never have afforded this on my own.  My granddaughter and I are working very hard at going to school.  This gift will assist us in improving our education as it will assist us with assignments and utilizing the internet where available.

I again just want to express my gratitude for your assistance in helping my dreams become a reality and I encourage others to become involved in helping those very similar to me.  It is kind hearted individuals like yourself that give a family experiencing homelessness hope. The climb is hard but the view is great.




Living at the EPH/The Salvation Army Housing has helped us a lot. It has helped me better my kid’s lives. I have no way or even words to thank EPH and The Salvation Army for all they have done for my family and myself. Having a place for my kids when we had nowhere else to go has been the biggest help. They have helped me find a job and this money has made a big difference in being able to start doing things for myself instead of relying on others. It has prepared me for the future and has helped me to make better decisions. Thank you very much. God Bless.


A Special Thanks to EPH:

When asked, “How has this housing helped me,”
This housing program must be the work of GOD! It surely is a wonderful opportunity to have a program available to provide people going through a rough situation. Homelessness is a big ordeal and when you can move into an apartment to help you get back on your feet as long as you follow some guidelines … AMEN! Thank you forever!
Your support has allowed me to focus purely on the areas that need attention in my life. I have been able to reestablish contact with my daughter, who resides in kinship-care, now that I am in a stable housing program. Your housing builds a sense of confidence, a sense of security and a sense of stability that I have never had before. This housing plays a big role in preparing me to take the next appropriate steps in my life.
Your home provides me a place to bathe, to cook, a place to put my personal belongings and it allows each member in my family a bed to sleep in all under the same roof. I am so very grateful for your assistance in helping my family stay together during our time of need.




Following is a thank you note we received from a youth within one of our families. She applied for and received a camp scholarship through our EPH/TSA partnership. The Basic Needs Giving Partnership grant received last year provided the funding for incremental case management services as well as for scholarships for children within our transitional housing families. 

The Basic Needs Giving Partnership Grant was made possible by the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, the US Venture Fund for Basic Needs, the J.J. Keller Foundation, and Community Foundation donor partners.

“To the people who helped build me and gave me a chance to be a teen, I want to thank you. I am so excited to attend these camps. At the gymnastics program, I’d like to work on increasing my responsibility, flexibility, knowledge, and of course a lot more, but that would take up a lot of room. Within The Salvation Army camp, the things that I hope to build are creativity, communication skills, in general any skills, even leadership. My summer is looking brighter when it comes to looking forward to camps.”
“You have no idea how much these camps mean to me. It put a good smile, big and happy smile, on my face, knowing that I will be staying busy and having fun.”
“Thank you so much!”


Give them roots and create wings!