Mission - Vision - Values

Mission Statement

As faith calls us to minister with our neighbors in need, Ecumenical
Partnership for Housing seeks through partnership with
religious congregations and social 
service agencies
to provide safety, stability, and solutions for
families with children who are homeless
or at risk of homelessness.

Vision Statement

Through EPH sponsored transitional housing,
extensive case management, and
caring support services, families achieve
the knowledge, skills, and “wholeness”
for a self-sufficient future.

Core Values

We will make a difference one family at a time.
We will meet our families where they are.
We believe our families respond to their environment.
We will act with a sense of urgency to move families out of homelessness.
We will advocate for those in poverty.
We believe we are called to put our faith into action.

EPH Summary

EPH is a comprehensive, all-encompassing program to help families experiencing homelessness transition to a life of hope, stability and self-sufficiency. Since its launch in 1992, together with the partnership of 18 local churches, EPH provides transitional housing to families in need in the greater Green Bay area.

EPH owns and manages twenty family-size units and relies on volunteer help to run its organization, and to maintain the units. Case managers screen families that apply, and places them in available housing units. A wide variety of educational and mentoring programs are made available to enable our families to succeed. Children are provided with a stable home, while parents pay off debts, acquire education and certifications, and pursue gainful employment.

Each new family is welcomed with a hot meal and pantry staples. A local group, called Warmth From the Heart, has been providing individual comforters for each new family member.

Give them roots and create wings!